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You are what you eat



Our mission is to educate and inspire people to live the highest quality life they can possibly live. Health and vitality are two of the main filters we experience our lives through. If either is out of balance, our lives can very easily get out of balance.

That old saying, “you are what you eat” is not just a saying… you truly are what you eat! Food is fuel for the Body, Mind and Soul. Nourishing your system with high quality nutrients and mineral rich foods can change the entire landscape of your life!

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Why are we here?

Why are we here?

To Educate and Inspire!
You know me as a Metaphysician, you know my work, my passion, my purpose. It took years of inner work and outer exploration to reveal my truest purpose and what I came “here” to do. My metaphysical work has meaning to me that I have never felt before. My Cranial Temple Activation Training Programs, the LIGHTCodes, my Self Mastery Program and my Living LIGHT work has absolutely changed the entirety of who I am and how I see not only the world, but also the Universe. My work has also helped change and inspire the lives of countless others, actually, many of you.

In November of 2014 the “task” of opening a Juice Bar was placed in my field. Literally, the signs were so obvious and the means were laid down for me that I took it as a sign that this was my next step. Ok, not so easily…I took it – kicking and screaming – as a sign that this was my next step. By January 2015 I had found a physical space – all the while grunting “why is this happening to me, I have serious work to do in this world!” By February, as construction of this physical space had begun I was like a deer in headlights, like an unsuspecting child following bread crumbs to some unknown destination, filling with fear! In March I blew into resistance as I began to see the GRAVITY of what I was taking on and what it actually required of me and what I would need to “give up”. I hung my head in despair wondering why “Spirit” would lead me away from my work. In a life-changing moment, my guides spoke; “Why are you here? What is your purpose? You surrendered to many a lesson and sacrificed much to uncover your true purpose, you know something about yourself that so few know about themselves…you know why you are here! Why are you here?” To which I responded, “to educate and inspire”. My guides said, “well then, carry on.” It was in that moment that I GOT IT!

I know me, it was not my dream to open a restaurant…this is about shaking the world’s consciousness, and that is what I do, shake off the stagnate energy of the world. There is a movement happening, we are learning how to live LIGHT through our physical vessel, that requires eating LIGHT based food. This is the next step in my work, this was definitely a Spirit guided mission! What is being asked of me is to be a Shepard of LIGHT, in all of its forms. To educate and inspire people to rise above what they know, to rise above their conditioned thinking about their body and food and to inspire them to move into a new way of being in this Physical Temple.

So, ok, I opened Pure Alchemy Juice Bar Café on June 27, 2015. Why Pure Alchemy? Well, its all about transformation for this goddess of the LIGHT. I am truly an Alchemist at heart.

I hope you want to get involved in helping this movement succeed to its fullest potential by spreading the word as I truly believe it takes a village, it takes a tribe, to make magic happen, and you are my tribe. This Juice Bar is for the world. It is a shifting of consciousness. It is a ripple in the pond. It is a platform where I can reach the masses and inspire change.

I hope you visit and enjoy the mystical magic of my café!